Katherine Prater

Proposal Manager

Katherine Prater is Proposal Manager in BBB’s New York office. Her responsibilities managing and producing proposal responses are supported by her past editorial and design experience in the A/E/C industry. Katherine received a Master of Arts in the History and Theory of Art and Architecture from Harvard University; prior to this, she graduated first in her class from the University of Cambridge, earning an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, in Anthropology from the University of Virginia. As Proposal Manager, Katherine brings extensive knowledge at both the architectural and urban scales. At Harvard, Katherine was the recipient of the Jens Aubrey Westengard Scholarship for architectural and historical research, and at Cambridge, she received the Peter de Somogyi Award for European Research for her work on urban planning and design. Katherine has been with BBB since August 2017.