Credit: Joseph Romeo

410 E Street, Building C

BBB restored the former Juvenile Court building in Washington DC, providing new life to a 1939 building and enabling the DC Courts to expand within a historic campus.

BBB served as Architect of Record for the 410 E Street project, which restores and renovates the former Juvenile Court building to accommodate the DC Courts’ central IT function as well as the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division. With a focus on the preservation of the original 1939 design, BBB’s work includes the full restoration of the limestone and granite exterior, replacement of the copper roof, and restoration of the existing wood windows. Interior limestone-clad vestibules, marble-clad corridors and lobbies, interior and exterior lighting, and a wood paneled historic courtroom and judge’s chamber on the second floor were restored as well. A seismic event during construction in 2011 caused damage to interior and exterior elements of the building. BBB worked with the DC Courts and the General Contractor to evaluate the damage and propose options for repair, restoration, and future stabilization.



The District of Columbia Courts


Washington, DC


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