Credit: Joseph Romeo

Maryland State House Old House of Delegates Chamber

BBB's renovation of the landmark-designated Old House of Delegates Chamber restores the room's original Victorian aesthetic, while discreetly incorporating contemporary technology.

The Maryland Department of General Services commissioned BBB to develop a Historic Furnishings Plan and design for the re-creation of The Old House of Delegates Chamber at the Maryland State House. Guided by extensive research and documentation, the comprehensive interior restoration includes new lighting, furniture, draperies, carpet, decorative paint, and ornamental plasterwork. The Chamber now serves as a meticulous example of the high-style Victorian aesthetic, as well as an apt setting for interpretive exhibits that explore Maryland's 19th century legislative landmarks. At the same time, the Chamber provides a functional and flexible meeting and reception space, and is equipped with modern-day systems, carefully integrated so as not to detract from the period character.



The Maryland Department of General Services


Annapolis, MD


2,283 SF




Partner, Director of the DC Office