Credit: Marie Hines Cowan

St. Thomas Church

BBB developed an award-winning Preservation Master Plan and phased implementation for the historic St. Thomas Church in New York City.

Originally designed in 1913 by Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson, the St. Thomas Church is a national landmark building that required significant repairs. BBB was engaged in 1995 to prepare a comprehensive master plan, which addressed the exterior limestone walls, buttresses, sculptural relief, stained glass windows, roof systems, structural systems, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. The restoration phases, which were completed in 1997, include the exterior facades, the roofs, and fire protection and life safety upgrades. BBB continues its work at St. Thomas with periodic inspections and selective repairs of the complex Gothic masonry, mechanical system upgrades, restoration of historic interior rooms, and lighting upgrades. An updated master plan, which includes the Church and the Choir School, was prepared in 2006. It included a stained glass window assessment that guided the Church in the full restoration of all windows, and is one of the largest stained glass restoration projects in the world.



St. Thomas Church


New York, NY


70,000 SF




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