VIDEO | Maxwell Pau Discusses Evolution of Colony Square

August 18, 2021
“The evolution of Colony Square is a really interesting story…"

BBB partner Maxwell Pau was recently on site for the opening of Politan Row, a boutique food hall that celebrates younger stage entrepreneurs, including pop-up and food truck chefs. During his visit, Maxwell shared his insights into the food hall’s impact and the reimagining of Colony Square more generally.

Completed in 1972, the design of the mixed-use site was pioneering for its time, but “all of it was inward looking.” Over the past 50 years, Atlanta has evolved–socially, politically, economically–and the previously avant-garde site needed an update.

The BBB-led transformation of Colony Square doubles the site’s public space while simultaneously increasing density through more retail and commercial square footage. “We created these apertures – these openings between buildings – into the heart of the development” which then allow for a full spectrum of pedestrians, shoppers, workers, and occupants “to come in and experience the vitality of Colony Square.”