Kyung Jae Yu

Kyung Jae Yu is a design leader for BBB’s commercial studio, instrumental in advancing the conceptualization and implementation of residential, mixed-use, and master planning projects.
He is an Architect and Urban Designer with wide experience creating inspired residential and commercial buildings and transforming downtowns. Jay is committed to design excellence and uses a multitude of design and analytical skills and resources, including his extensive knowledge of innovative materials and technologies, to seek inventive solutions. He explores insightful design ideas with a keen sense and respect for place and context to lend value and depth to his projects. He is also a motivator and mentor to an entire studio, lending to others his talent, judgment, and management of the design process. Jay’s clients include an extensive list of developers and corporate entities. He holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Korea University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. Kyung Jae has been with BBB since 2012.