VIDEO | Fly Through Atlanta’s Living Room

June 21, 2021
Join North American Properties for a virtual tour of the reimagined Colony Square, the Southeast's first mixed-use development.

The tour begins in front of Building 400 and Colony Square’s historically automobile-focused entrance, which has been transformed to prioritize the pedestrian experience. Several retail and dining establishments–including Starbucks, 5Church Atlanta, and Sukoshi–are more prominent and physically accessible from the street than their retail predecessors. In addition, these spaces energize the lobbies of Building 400 and Building 100, strengthening their indoor–outdoor connection. The Loop Lounge further activates the outdoor area, providing a comfortable and consistent location for rideshares.

Next, travel a new east-west pathway into the Colony Square site, passing the looming “Moon Goddess,” a 2,915 square foot mural painted by Lauren Pallotta Stumberg, Molly Rose Freeman, Lela Brunet, and Laura Vela in tribute to Aurora, Roman Goddess of the Dawn.

Happen upon one of two new public spaces–first is a pedestrian area that features spiraling, luminescent seating between Building 400 and the newly constructed Building 300. By continuing south along the western edge of Building 300, visitors uncover a dynamic new open space–The Plaza–with varied seating and spatial configurations. This area formerly housed an enclosed shopping concourse with limited gathering spaces and low visibility for retail establishments; Colony Square’s redevelopment included completely rethinking the underperforming space to meet the demands of today’s Midtown. 

Continuing southward, glimpse Colony Square’s “patio,” one of many flexible seating areas for culinary patrons of Politan Row. (Locals, take note: the new food hall opens to the public on June 25!)

Politan Row, a chef-driven food hall, welcomes commercial tenants and residential occupants while simultaneously offering an invitation to passersby. On 14th Street, a formerly isolated lawn has been transformed into the Grove, a 10,000-square foot park that creates a gateway to Politan Row, the Establishment cocktail lounge, IPIC Theater, and the public spaces beyond. The revitalization of Colony Square’s edges, particularly along the 14th Street corridor, ensures that Building 100 and its retail tenants can be easily reached by shoppers and diners. Furthermore, the Grove’s ample tables and chairs, open container policy, and art-focused programming set the stage for spontaneous human connection and vibrant interaction.

Visit the Colony Square project page to learn more about the site, its buildings, and our design interventions.