Credit: BBB

NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program

A vision for wide-ranging and implementable projects increases the social, economic, and environmental resiliency of three distinct Rockaway Peninsula communities facing the impacts of Superstorm Sandy and the pressures of climate change.

Working closely with local community representatives and drawing from public input, the plan for each community identifies strategies and projects ranging from transportation, infrastructure, storm water mitigation, local business support, flood protection, housing elevation, and disaster response functions. The plan provides each community with a roadmap for increasing its resilience and sustainability over the long term by identifying projects that are both implementable and fundable. The plan incorporates a multi-stage community outreach and a public consensus development process. BBB's work focuses on envisioning design solutions for long-term edge adaptation strategies, as well as sustainable design interventions to revitalize key locations in each community as multi-functional open spaces that generate economic development and play an important role in mitigating disaster response situations.



New York Housing Trust Fund Corporation


Queens, NY


Rockaway Peninsula




Partner, Director of Planning & Urban Design