Credit: Beyer Blinder Belle

Architect of the Capitol, Summerhouse Restoration

BBB restored the Summerhouse, a historic hexagon-shaped jewel of a building on the west front lawn of the US Capitol, built as a resting place for visitors.

Designed by Thomas Wisedell under the direction of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., the Summerhouse was built from 1879 to 1880 as a resting place for visitors to the US Capitol. The open air structure is constructed of red brick in the form of an open hexagon with a fountain located in the middle. Through extensive archival research, BBB discovered a rendering of a brick, bluestone and Seneca stone paving plan that is replicated in the restoration of the Summerhouse. The project includes full restoration of the plantings and landscape that date to Olmsted's original design; restoration of the terra cotta roof; re-creation of a historic paving pattern; upgrades to the fountain system; cleaning and re-pointing of historic brick; and accessibility upgrades.



Architect of the Capitol


Washington, DC


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Partner, Director of the DC Office