Credit: Richard Prehn

Cathedral of the Madeleine

BBB has restored a magnificent Gothic Revival cathedral to its original 1920s appearance and integrated essential mechanical and safety upgrades.

The Cathedral of the Madeleine is a landmark of both local and national significance overlooking the great Salt Lake Valley. BBB's interior conservation work includes the restoration of frescos, stenciled decorations on the vaulting, oil paintings at various altars and Stations of the Cross, and polychromy throughout the nave. Stabilization of the stained glass windows and modifications to the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, confessionals, and seating were also undertaken with utmost respect to the historic fabric. In addition, the building was seismically retrofitted and many facilities were refurbished, including the heating and air conditioning, electrical and lighting systems, fire protection and security systems. A thorough renovation of the acoustical properties was conducted as well, and a new tracker organ from Ireland is featured in the space.



Cathedral of the Madeleine


Salt Lake City, UT


29,000 SF


1995; 2006 (additional work)