Vote Now for the South Bronx Cultural Trail Design Competition

February 11, 2015

Casita Maria is a South Bronx organization that aims to empower youth and their families by creating a culture of learning through high quality social, cultural, and educational opportunities.

One of Casita Maria’s initiatives is The South Bronx Culture Trail — a physical and virtual trail that aims to identify and preserve key locations in the history of the South Bronx neighborhood for current and future generations. Last fall, Casita Maria invited BBB to participate in a competition for the design of the trail markers, and our team (Vanessa Beloyianis, Carlo Guzman, Marc Sharifi and Bob Stern) developed a cost-effective and flexible solution that relates the history of each site to its contemporary context through the artistic contributions of the community and the identity of the visitor.


Before the New Year, the design team from BBB joined their fellow competitors — Acconci Studio, John Ahearn, Cooper Robertson & Partners, Linda Cunningham, Keith Godard, and Chat Travieso & Yeju Choi — at Casita Maria in presenting and answering questions from an audience of community members.

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Team members included Vanessa Beloyianis, Carlo Guzman, Bob Stern, and Marc Sharifi (not pictured).

Process sketches