Transformative Design in Midtown Atlanta: Then and Now

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December 01, 2021
Welcome to Colony Square, reimagined.

In the 1960s, Jim Cushman had a vision for a mixed-use “micropolis” in Midtown Atlanta—the first of its kind in the Southeast. He assembled a pioneering design team, who put forth an exciting and unconventional plan for co-located residential, commercial, and recreational activity.

Colony Square was architecturally and culturally transformative from the start. The development struggled to compete with the Atlanta’s suburbs, however, and immediate commercial success eluded the original project team.

Over time, the previously avant-garde site became overdue for an update. Beyer Blinder Belle and North American Properties invite you to celebrate Colony Square’s reimagination—and explore Colony Square’s design story—by visiting 

Colony Square was also featured in a Metropolis Magazine article.