Credit: David Lamb

Lincoln Center Capital Needs Survey and Master Plan

BBB's capital needs survey and master plan captures current and future programmatic needs for the various constituent arts organizations at New York's renowned performing arts campus.

As part of Lincoln Center's revitalization plan for the 21st century, BBB prepared a capital needs survey that defined the scope and budget for potential capital improvement projects. The scope included assessing the architectural and engineering conditions of existing facilities, as well as capturing current and future programmatic needs. Subsequently, working in conjunction with Cooper Robertson & Partners, BBB developed a more detailed master plan for Lincoln Center. The plan involved program refinement for each constituent arts organization, and the master plan for the entire 16-acre campus. Redevelopment options included infrastructure projects to meet safety and accessibility requirements; capital projects needed to bring performing facilities in line with current industry standards; and special projects requiring substantial alteration of existing facilities or the construction of new facilities. Because of site limitations, various options were explored to accommodate the expansion needs of different constituents. The master plan identifies sites for shared facilities, as well as organizational modifications to the infrastructure.



Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.


New York, NY


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Partner, Director of Planning & Urban Design
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