Credit: Peter Roper/Portofolio (rendering)

NoMA: Vision Plan & Development Strategy

A Vision Plan and Development Strategy for the emerging NoMA district creates a walkable, transit-accessible, dynamic, and diverse mixed-use neighborhood in an underutilized post-industrial area.

The NoMa Vision Plan & Development Strategy, encompassing a 500-acre area of Downtown Washington DC, envisions 26 million square feet of new infill development centered around a new Metro transit station. Key goals include creating connections to adjoining neighborhoods, and improving the pedestrian environment, transportation, and retail services. The plan is coordinated with other major initiatives in the immediate area, with a focus on environmental sustainability and ecologically advanced approaches to large-scale development. As one of six thematic principles guiding the plan, Environment & Sustainability strategies inlcude encouraging environmental innovation through inter-agency coordination and specialized resource management entities, emphasizing energy efficiency, stormwater management and improved air quality, and promoting high performance building standards. Building on the plan’s sustainability recommendations, the “EcoNoMa” plan created a neighborhood-wide strategy and benchmarks for environmental performance.



The District of Columbia Office of Planning (DCOP)


Washington, DC


50 city blocks (358 acres)




Partner, Director of Planning & Urban Design
Partner, Director of the DC Office