Announcing BBB “University”

May 28, 2020
Credit: BBB

BBB has launched BBB Uni – a homegrown initiative for professional development and strategic enhancement of our staff.

Created during difficult times and changes in the business environment, BBB Uni is one of several recent BBB strategies implemented to address new skill sets and technologies needed to adapt to change.

BBB Uni is designed to elevate our staff. It enables staff to learn emerging technologies and find opportunities for new ways to approach and execute projects. Reinforcing the firm’s ever-evolving processes for project delivery, BBB Uni supports BBB on a future-forward path. The initiative is led by BBB’s Studio Revit Coordinators, Director of IT, and Director of Design Technology. Training programs include BBB-led webinars through Microsoft Teams, software-based training programs, and individual study through LinkedIn Learning, allowing staff members to learn a particular skill set in the course of continuing education and professional development.


BBB Uni topics are diverse, addressing a broad spectrum of design and construction issues and phases, and include the following topics led by individual BBBers:

• Navigating Revit for PMs

• Existing and/or Historic Conditions Toolkit for Accuracy and Efficiency

• BIM 360 for Project Management

• Enscape with Revit: Amaze Viewers with Cinematic Videos

• BBB-led Revit Toolkit: Curtain Walls

3D Printing

BBB Uni is one of numerous firm-wide initiatives including RED (Research, Exchange and Develop) with which it has a natural affinity – all aimed at strengthening the firm during the current pandemic and beyond into the future.

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