Up-to-Date Homes in Antique Packaging

July 28, 2014

A recent article in the New York Times takes a look at the conversion and combination of six, 5-story rowhouses and two townhouses into one building to create luxury living spaces.

“Up-to-Date Homes in Antique Packaging”

New York Times

By: Alison Gregor

“Renovating or converting a historic building can be difficult and costly, but the city’s supercharged condominium market is enabling some developers to go far beyond merely sprucing up interiors.

Two developers have bought rows of old buildings — one on the Upper East Side, the other on the Upper West — and, while restoring their historic facades, will reconfigure and rebuild their interiors from the ground up, creating a brand-new series of multimillion-dollar condos.”

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Richard Metsky, Partner-in-Charge for the project, speaks about this history of the site and its evolution. Watch the interview below: