Vantage Points

A View of Two DC Projects
February 24, 2015

Much like New York City, where some of the most compelling views of the skyline are offered from vantage points outside the city, picture postcard views of Washington D.C. are most readily accessed from beyond its boundaries. In this image, two BBB projects which are playing a pivotal role in reshaping the skyline of our nation’s capital are under construction and visible from one vantage point: Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project in the foreground and Rosslyn Central Place (RCP) beyond.

The image captures the dramatic contrast between projects. Rosslyn Central Place (RCP) consists of the new construction of a pair of high rise towers, one residential and one commercial (31 and 33 stories respectively) and is envisioned as a catalyst for revitalizing the dense urban character and life of downtown Rosslyn. In contrast, the Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project is a 27-acre expansion of the most hallowed ground in the country.