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BBB’s design for its expansive new office space in Lower Manhattan incorporates the intrinsic assets of the iconic Equitable Insurance building — excellent light, impressive views and gracious proportions — with a flexible and contemporary work environment that facilitates collaboration.
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RH Greenwich preserves the Greenwich Post Office building’s historic character and prominence in downtown Greenwich. Intended to harmonize with the landmark building and the community it serves, RH Greenwich has been tremendously positive for both.
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“To walk through Grand Central Station every day and know my associates restored it, and I helped contribute to their culture, gives me great joy.”
“Our partners are equally stewards of the built environment and of this firm. Every decision is considered holistically – how it affects our practice, our staff, and our business. BBB’s sound financial health allows the firm to continue doing the work for which we are recognized and respected.”
“Respecting the past doesn’t mean admiring it to the point of replication. My goal is to transform historic buildings for modern and relevant use while maintaining the essence of their original character.”
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